Psychological Thriller · Read-Reviewed-2019

The Rumour by Lesley Kara. (2018).


The Rumour by Lesley Kara. (2018).

**4 out of 5 stars**

48 years ago, 10 year old Sally stabbed a little boy to death. No photos exist of her since her release as a young woman
Now single mum Joanna has heard a rumour that Sally is living in her small town under a new identity. She didn’t intend to pass it on but one comment leads to another…how dangerous can one rumour become?

I quite liked this novel. I think the author did a great job of making a storyline that was engaging, particularly for a debut novel. The narrative flowed well and was easy to read. I kept changing my mind who Sally was, and even though one of my guesses was right I’m not sure it counts when I kept changing who I thought it was haha. Quite a few clever red herrings. My (small) criticism would be that the reader may need to keep an open mind in relation to some of the coincidences that occur in this novel; certain situations toed the line between realistic and unrealistic (which let’s be honest, can be a small issue in a lot of drama novels).
Overall, I think this thriller novel would make a great holiday read.

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