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The Hunting Party by Lucy Foley. (2019).


The Hunting Party by Lucy Foley. (2019).

**3.5 out of 5 stars**

In a remote Scottish hunting lodge, a group of old friends gather to celebrate New Year’s Eve. There’s the beautiful one, the golden couple, the volatile one, the new parents, the quiet one, the city boy and the outsider. One of them will become the victim of a murder and everyone’s a suspect…

A familiar storyline that has been told many times, but still entertaining and not worn out when told correctly. This book did a good job of the story overall and was easy to follow. The novel is narrated by three women of the group of nine friends, as well as the site manager Heather and the groundskeeper Doug who are both damaged in their own ways. The relationships between the nine were a bit forced, it was a group of school friends that had clearly outgrown one another; this was obviously part of the storyline but meant that it just seemed unbelievable these people would keep going on holidays together. I think the book was perhaps slightly longer than what it needed to be; the narrative felt a bit drawn out and slow in parts. The reader doesn’t know who the victim or killer is so it was fun to try to work that out. I wasn’t overly keen on the ending – for me it ended abruptly and didn’t address a couple of issues (I can’t say much more than that without a spoiler alert!). A murder mystery that would be easy to read over a weekend.

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