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Pulse by Michael Harvey. (2018).


Pulse by Michael Harvey. (2018).

**3 out of 5 stars**

Daniel seems like a normal American teenager. But Daniel has powers which he doesn’t understand and is not sure he can control. He can’t risk telling anyone but a mysterious stranger offers an insight into what he is experiencing and becomes his unofficial mentor. After a tragedy and the police becoming more interested in Daniel, his powers will finally come into their own.

An intriguing concept for a novel, the storyline is set in 1976. I found the narrative interesting and different, however fairly confusing as well. I don’t know if I missed the answers to my questions, but I felt like the details around Daniel’s powers weren’t explained fully so I didn’t really get what was happening with him. There’s sort of some explanations of parts of his powers and then other things start to happen and it was just like wtf and it never really gets addressed. Perhaps best categorized as a sci fi suspense novel, the plot moves quickly and jumps mainly between the point of views of Daniel and a police officer named Barkley. Barkley and his partner Tommy are…..interesting? I’m not sure the best word to use haha. Tommy is a total loose cannon and felt a bit over the top for me.
This book was something different to read but I didn’t end up finding it very satisfying overall.

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