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Troll Hunting : inside the world of online hate and its human fallout by Ginger Gorman. (2019).


Troll Hunting : inside the world of online hate and its human fallout by Ginger Gorman. (2019).

**4 out of 5 stars**

In 2013, journalist Ginger was trolled online. She was terrified but then curious about who the trolls were, how and why do they attack, and how can one fight back? Ginger spent the next five years researching by speaking to psychologists, trolling victims, law enforcement, academics, and the trolls themselves. This book is that journey and the discoveries Ginger made along the way about the trolls, their targets and the costs of cyberhate.

I rarely read non-fiction but this book was highly recommended to me by a friend and sounded quite interesting. Happy to report that it didn’t disappoint. ‘Cyberhate’ is something the majority of internet users are aware of, and a high number have experienced it in some shape and form so this book is very relevant and timely as the issue gets more exposure. The book was compelling and very informative. A few times it felt a bit dry for me, however I also think the information was clearly very well researched and referenced by the author. I enjoyed and found fascinating the author’s interactions with ‘trolls’ and respected her compassion and willingness to try to understand the motivations behind that kind of behaviour. It was disappointing to read about the lack of support for victims of cyberhate; one can only hope that this novel assists in more exposure of the trauma experienced by people and the realisation that it isn’t a feasible option for people to just ‘turn it off and don’t look at it’. Definitely an on topic novel that doesn’t necessarily find answers but rightly points out that all of us in modern society are involved in this issue; would recommend this book for those interested in the topic and any regular users of the internet.

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