Australian Author · Contemporary/Literary · Read-Reviewed-2019

Small Blessings by Emily Brewin. (2018).


Small Blessings by Emily Brewin. (2018).

**2.5 out of 5 stars**

Rosie doesn’t trust people. This is related to her violent ex Joel, who is out of jail now. Rosie is determined he won’t find her or their 11 year old son.
Isobel is starting to find the cost of success too high. Her impressive career and comfortable lifestyle doesn’t protect her from the news her mum is dying.
When tragedy occurs, the two women are thrown together despite their differences. They draw strength from each other and form an unlikely friendship.

I didn’t really get into this book much but I can see why others found it haunting and poignant. The two main characters felt very realistic to me, however I didn’t feel very attached to either and I found both of their life circumstances depressing. The tagline on the front says “through the unlikeliest of friendships comes a second chance” – this friendship only comes about at the very end of the book so while the synopsis in relation to this friendship is technically correct, I felt it was a bit misleading. It’s an easy and pretty quick read, however I feel it could have benefited from being slightly longer so certain things could have been detailed a bit more. There were things I liked about the book; the storylines were interesting and immersive, and there were some important messages/life lessons to be gained from this novel. Just overall it wasn’t really my cup of tea this time around.

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