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The Lost Girls by Jennifer Spence. (2019).


The Lost Girls by Jennifer Spence. (2019).

**4 out of 5 stars**

What if you could change just one thing from your past? How far would you go? A woman is forced to consider these choices in this story. While trying to prevent a family tragedy, Stella is also compelled to solve the 50 year old mystery of a missing young woman. As secrets are unravelled, it becomes clear that everyone remembers the past differently and the small choices we make everyday can change our future completely.

This book was different and unexpected, in a good way. Reading the blurb really didn’t indicate that the main character Stella was time travelling (not a spoiler, you learn this within the first couple of chapters). I found this book to be sad, beautiful and frustrating all at the same time. It is common lore (haha) that should one time travel, one shouldn’t change anything as one does not know how that will make everything different in the future. However as this book points out, how can a person stop themselves from changing anything, especially if there has been a tragedy that affects your family? I think most of us would try to stop that tragedy! Small parts were slightly confusing when it was original Stella and time traveller Stella in the same scene, and when time traveller Stella’s memories were changing as events happened; but nothing so confusing to the point where the reader can’t understand what’s going on.
I’m happy to recommend this book and I think it would make a fabulous holiday read.

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