Australian Author · Historical Fiction · Mystery · Read-Reviewed-2019

Half Moon Lake by Kirsten Alexander. (2019).


Half Moon Lake by Kirsten Alexander. (2019).

**4 out of 5 stars**

In 1913 at Half Moon Lake, 4 year old Sonny Davenport goes missing. His wealthy and influential parents will do anything to get him back. Two years later a boy is found with a tramp and claimed by the Davenports. But is he really Sonny? Grace, an unwed farm worker, states that this boy is actually her son. People are divided even while the tramp goes to trial for kidnapping. Two desperate mothers want this boy and the truth is more complicated than what it seems…

This is a well written, fascinating story. The intriguing concept of the book is all the more interesting because it’s actually inspired by a true story (research Bobby Dunbar if you are interested)!.
I think I was drawn into this novel not just because of the interesting mystery, but because there is also a strong message of how people use their class to get what they want; still relevant to today is how money and influence can get you the things you want but not necessarily the happiness you are looking for. I felt for the Davenports, any parent’s worst nightmare would be losing their child. However by the end I felt frustrated by their actions. Grace was a tragic character and I think any reader would feel for her. A great historical fiction (inspired by true life) book that readers can get stuck into.

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