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The Dreamers by Karen Thompson Walker. (2019).


The Dreamers by Karen Thompson Walker. (2019).

**2 out of 5 stars**

In an isolated college town in California, a student falls asleep and doesn’t wake up. Nobody can wake her up. Then other students start falling asleep too and panic takes hold of the college and spreads to the town. Those sleeping from the illness are showing unusually high levels of brain activity – they are dreaming heightened dreams, but of what?

The biggest issue with this book for me is that it just doesn’t go anywhere. People start falling asleep from a virus and it’s obvious they are having heightened dreams. And that’s it! That’s the entire book in a nutshell. Nothing is really answered as to why and how this virus came about, what the dreams really are, if there are any long lasting effects etc. I liked the idea of the story, but for me to enjoy it I need more information, clarification and answers; that just wasn’t forthcoming. The book also kept swapping between characters and for me that was also offputting as again I felt like I wasn’t getting enough detail. It’s not a long book and it’s easy to read so getting through it wasn’t a problem. Strangely enough considering I didn’t really like it, I would say that it was well written. It was something different and with predominately positive reviews, it’s worth looking at if the synopsis interests you.

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