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The Woman in the Green Dress by Tea Cooper. (2019).


The Woman in the Green Dress by Tea Cooper. (2019).

**3 out of 5 stars**

1853. Della has lost her parents, lives in Hawkesbury, NSW and has no intentions to return to Sydney. However Captain Stefan arrives on a quest to retrieve Australia’s possibly first opal. This results in Della returning to Sydney and her Taxidermy Shop where she finds that her aunt Cordelia has turned it into the Curio Shop of Wonders, and strange things are happening…
1919. London waitress Fleur has an inheritance after her Australian husband dies in the war. She doesn’t really want it but travels to Australia and finds herself, among other things, the owner of a boarded up curio shop. Fleur unravels the real story of the inheritance and also the mystery around an opal and a woman in a green dress…

Firstly, I just want to say how exquisite this cover is! The intensity and contrast of the green dress and the red hair is simply divine when you’ve got the book in your hands.
This novel was a slow starter for me. It took me about 100 pages before I started gaining interest in the plotline. I just felt the book didn’t really take off and hold my interest as much as what I thought it would. The dual storylines were intriguing, came together in the end and each had it’s merits but I think that there was a lot of lingering questions and not enough detail to satisfy me. Overall for me it was a pleasant enough book which was an easy read however I just never really got into it. There are plenty of reviews highly rating this book and historical fiction fans may really appreciate this novel.

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