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The Girl in Kellers Way by Megan Goldin. (2017).


The Girl in Kellers Way by Megan Goldin. (2017).

**4.5 out of 5 stars**

A body is found near the forest of Kellers Way; Detective Mel needs to identify the victim to catch the killer – hard to do when the crime was committed years ago. But Julie might be able to help because she jogs that way to clear her mind. Until one day something happens to Julie there and she starts to question her life, marriage and sanity…

This is the second book I’ve read from this author, although it’s actually her first book haha. And I really enjoyed it, just like the other book! The chapters are alternatively from Mel and Julie’s perspectives; Mel being a female strong intelligent detective and Julie quickly appearing to be an ‘unreliable narrator’. Julie’s husband Matt is quite unlikable and the term ‘tosser’ comes to mind… It’s tough to talk about the really interesting parts and twists of this novel without revealing spoilers so just trust me when I say that if you are a fan of psychological thrillers you will appreciate this book! I’d be interested in a sequel featuring Mel and her partner in the future if the author ever writes one, Mel was a great character. Megan Goldin is definitely an author to check out for those readers that enjoy psychological thrillers.

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