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The Paris Wedding by Charlotte Nash. (2017).


The Paris Wedding by Charlotte Nash. (2017).

**4 out of 5 stars**

10 years ago Rachael chose not to move away with her boyfriend Matt in order to care for her sick mum on the farm. Now she has been invited to Matt’s wedding all the way in Paris, all expenses paid. Rachel is unprepared for everything that’s going to happen in Paris and on the eve of the wedding faces a hard choice – should she ruin another woman’s happiness for her own?

If you looked at the cover and thought rural romance, you would be mistaken (not that there’s anything wrong with a good rural romance haha). This book has romance in it for sure, but it’s also about a woman in her late twenties finding herself, and struggling with it, after a decade of caring for her sick mother. Rachael was an intriguing lead – it was clear that living on the farm and giving up her dreams caused her to be mature in some matters and yet immature and wide-eyed in others (specifically, around Matt). Rachel’s emotional and mental journey in relation to herself and other characters was quite lovely to read. There are also a few side storylines that were enjoyable. This entertaining book would make a delightful holiday read.

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