Australian Author · Horror · Read-Reviewed-2018

The Bus on Thursday by Shirley Barrett. (2018).


The Bus on Thursday by Shirley Barrett. (2018).

**3 out of 5 stars**

Eleanor suffered a bad break-up just before she got cancer and the demons that came with it. Eleanor gets a new job as a teenager in a remote mountain hamlet where it all seems peaceful. But where had the previous teacher disappeared to? Why is there so many locks on the door? And why is there a random bus idling out the front late at night?

This book is weird, plain and simple. I didn’t mind it at all but I finished it and thought… what did I just read and what did the ending even mean….The back blurb states “Bridget Jones meets the Exorcist in Twin Peaks” and that is actually a pretty accurate summary. The narrative is in the form of a woman, Eleanor, writing unpublished blogs about her days, and it’s written exactly how you can imagine she is thinking (a lot of “and I’m like” instead of ‘I said’). Eleanor is quite funny at times, and other times you think she must be an absolute nutter losing the plot. Its a strange and quirky book for sure but if you want something different and unusual to read, this one may be for you!

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