Australian Author · Crime · Read-Reviewed-2018

The Student by Iain Ryan. (2017).


The Student by Iain Ryan. (2017).

**3.5 out of 5 stars**

It is 1994 in Gatton, Queensland. Nate is a uni student who deals marijuana. A girl called Maya has been killed by an unknown person. Nate’s friend and dealer is missing and Nate needs more marijuana. He is high, alone and being threatened by bikies when he finds a suitcase with terrible things inside.

This is quite the compelling story. It is an Australian crime novel and is pretty dark really. There is a large amount of graphic violence and pornographic references, as well as drug use throughout the novel. Nate is high basically the whole book which gave the narrative a kind of rough, raw and gritty feel. I thought the plot in its entirety was a bit far fetched but at the same time I liked it; I found it different and a real message there of people being not always what they seem to those closest to them. I think most readers would either appreciate this book or be put off by it quite early on.

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