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Water Under the Bridge by Lily Malone. (2018).


Water Under the Bridge by Lily Malone. (2018).

**4.5 out of 5 stars**

Ella was hoping to be an Olympic swimmer before something derailed those plans and she’s never swum again. Now she is embarking on a real estate career in a small country town.
Jake doesn’t really want to sell his nanna’s house but the situation calls for him to list it. But he didn’t expect the new real estate agent to be so determined to sell the house.
A local developer is interested in the house, locals work out Ella’s past, Jake is distracting to the sale negotiations and the town wants to open the swimming pool again with a splash – can Ella take the chance of a new start in life?

I really enjoyed this Australian rural romance! It was an easy read with the right amount of drama to keep the story moving along and me interested in how it would all end. Ella and Jake were both interesting characters with intriguing pasts that came with baggage to their current attraction – just like reality, their fledgling relationship has it’s ups and downs. There were a few ‘sexy’ scenes (nothing too dirty) that gave me a giggle while I was reading. Ella’s ex Erik was a great very likeable addition to the story, and the other characters that made up the community of this fictional small town are all quite realistic and easily imaginable.
I’m looking forward to reading the rest of the planned ‘Chalk Hill’ trilogy in the future!

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