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We See the Stars by Kate can Hooft. (2018).


We See the Stars by Kate can Hooft. (2018).

**Did not finish – read 130 of 326 pages**

Simon is an 11 year old who doesn’t talk. Everyone thinks he’s weird and his only friends are his brother and Superman. He starts to make friends with a scary girl from school, and the teacher is also interested in him. But then the teacher disappears and only Simon knows where she is but he promised to never tell…so now he is the only one who can save her.

Unfortunately I just couldn’t get into this at all and so after reading over a third I did give up on it. The narrator is Simon who appears to be autistic or something along those lines (not that this was said outright so I have made that assumption). The author has written beautifully and the imagery is incredible in relation to how Simon feels in his body. However the story jumps around a fair amount from Simon’s perspective and it was just pretty confusing to me. I just couldn’t really make heads or tails of it so stopped reading. It did make sense in parts, just overall it wasn’t holding my attention.

I used to feel bad when I didn’t finish a book but now I figure life is too short to force yourself to continue something you aren’t enjoying and it’s ok to just stop. And it doesn’t mean others won’t really enjoy this book just because it wasn’t working for me 🙂

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