Australian Author · Read-Reviewed-2018 · Science Fiction · Young Adult

After The Lights Go Out by Lili Wilkinson. (2018).


After The Lights Go Out by Lili Wilkinson. (2018).
*Young Adult Fiction

*5 out of 5 stars*

17 year old Pru lives with her 15 year old twin sisters and dad on the outskirts of an isolated mining community in Australia. The family are doonsday preppers and have a hidden bunker filled with supplies. One day when Pru’s dad is at work, the power goes out. It’s out everywhere and no one knows why. Everywhere quickly unravels as in the small town supplies are running out and people are desperate. The sisters decide to keep their bunker a secret as their dad taught them; survival is everything and family comes first.

Amazing! This book is a perfect example of why I still read young adult fiction. I read it within 24 hours because I genuinely couldn’t stop reading. It’s a fascinating topic for a book – I’m sure most of us would find a doomsday prepper intriguing. We get to read from Pru’s point of view – a girl who has grown up being trained by her paranoid father, but then lo and behold, maybe dad was right all along….but Pru doesn’t sit comfortable with the idea of leaving everyone left in their small town to die. There’s some pretty big themes included in this book (single parent family, paranoia, coming of age, death, disease, all different types of relationships, diversity in a very small country town, and the list goes on). A thought-provoking, extremely well-written novel that would have to be one of my top picks for this year so far. I hope the author considers writing a sequel because I’d love to read more of Pru’s journey!

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