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The Shape of Us by Lisa Ireland. (2017).


The Shape of Us by Lisa Ireland. (2017).

*4.5 out of 5 stars*

Four women meet online in a weight loss forum. Mezz; overweight, overworked and convinced her husband will stray. Jewels; fat, fabulous and craves a baby. Ellie; lonely but her Facebook life looks perfect to her London friends and she makes sure there’s no photos of her body. Kat; thinks if she loses her baby weight then her little girl’s dad will stick around. The four learn that losing weight might not be the key to happiness they think it is but believing in yourself and your loved ones might be.

I quite enjoyed this book. This is a heartfelt story of four women bonding over weight issues which leads to the kind of friendship and love that we all need in our lives.
The book starts off light hearted and touching and then it got quite full on and deep with an emotional turn to the story. I wasn’t expecting the change in tone which ended with me emotional and in tears a few times; proof of a talented author! Those readers that have ever wanted/needed to lose a significant (or even small) amount of weight for any reason will probably find themselves relating to the characters very easily with the ladies feeling very ‘real’. If you think this book is about four women that lose weight and lead happy lives because of it, you would be wrong. This book focuses on relationships (with yourself, your partner, your friends, your loved ones) and I’m sure will really hit home for a lot of readers. Not one to miss!

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