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Baby Teeth by Zoje Stage. (2018).


Baby Teeth by Zoje Stage. (2018).

*4 out of 5 stars*

People think Suzette has it all – a glamorous home designed by her handsome Swedish husband Alex, and a beautiful intelligent 7 year old daughter Hanna. But what people don’t know, including Alex, is that Hanna is also dangerous. Hanna is an angel for her daddy but things are very different when she is alone with her mummy…is it all a game, or should Suzette be genuinely scared?

What a creepy notion – a seven year old girl who appears to be psychotic. I think most readers will be quite horrified by Hanna; particularly any parent who happens to have a small child at the time of reading (aka, me haha). Some readers may not be a fan due to Hanna’s age – the things she does are fairly confronting and disturbing. However I think even if you have such a reaction, it merely shows the author’s talent at work here. I liked how the chapters alternated between Suzette’s and Hanna’s point of views; this lets the reader experience the horror from both sides of the relationship. Suzette suffering from Crohn’s disease was an additional interesting aspect of this novel – not a disease I previously knew much about and sounds like a hard ordeal. Overall I’d describe this as a clever creepy book that can be confronting at times – probably not one I’d forget in a hurry.
I think you’ll either enjoy this book or you really won’t – but why not give it a try to see what side of the fence you end up on.

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