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How I Lose You by Kate McNaughton. (2018).


How I Lose You by Kate McNaughton. (2018).

**no star rating as did not finish**

Eva and Adam go to bed one night happy after a night with friends. Unfortunately Adam doesn’t wake up – this happens on page 12. Keep reading to find out Eva and Adam’s story from the beginning – and how some of that story may not be what Eva thought it was.

OK, so I gave up on this one at page 236 (out of 385). I try really hard to finish a book but every now and then, like with this book, I am so not engaged and disinterested that I feel I should just stop. I thought the blurb sounded fairly interesting but I just found myself skimming almost every page. I had two big issues with this book:
1)I hate when there is dialogue that is not clear who is saying what (for example every piece of dialogue in this book does not have ‘he said, she said etc’)
2)I don’t mind time jumps in a book, but I can’t really follow when there are no time/dates and the time jumps are like this: present, two years ago, present, one year ago, present, 17 years ago, present, 2 months ago etc – but I repeat, there are NO dates so you know it’s in the past but not really when in the past.

So overall, I couldn’t really follow it and nor did I really care because I just couldn’t build interest in any of it – I feel like I sound really harsh but this is honestly how I felt. I don’t often give up on a book but I just couldn’t finish this one.

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