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Australian Gypsies: Their Secret History by Mandy Sayer. (2018).


Australian Gypsies: Their Secret History by Mandy Sayer. (2018).

*4 out of 5 stars*

This is a non-fiction book that explores the history of ‘Gypsies’ in Australia. The author traces the roots of the first Gypsies to arrive in Australia and explains various customs and traditions of the Gypsy people as well as the persecution they have suffered throughout the years. The book also includes interviews with modern Gypsies.
I don’t read a lot of non-fiction but this one was recommended by a friend and sounded very interesting. I of course have heard of Gypsies but did not know much about them other than the obvious stereotypes that people talk about. I liked the way the book was broken up: there were three main ‘sections’ (history, customs/traditions/facts, interviews with Gypsy persons) but these sections alternated (i.e. a chapter on history, then traditions, then interviews and repeat). The language used by the author is simple and you can really see her own interest in the Gypsy culture and history. I found the book quite engaging and thought-provoking.

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