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The Legacy by Yrsa Sigurðardóttir. (2014 in Icelandic, 2017 English translation).


The Legacy by Yrsa Sigurðardóttir. (2014 in Icelandic, 2017 English translation).

(Children’s House #1)

*5 out of 5 stars*

I was a bit wary before starting this one because it is an English translation of a foreign book. The couple of translated novels I had read so far haven’t read quite right, I can only assume that sometimes words, meaning and tone get lost in translation. However I was pleasantly surprised by The Legacy. It is an example of a crime thriller done well. An unusual murder occurs and the only witness is a small girl who is reluctant to talk. A newly promoted detective has to work with the ‘Children’s House’ (which works with traumatized children) to get the girl talking, meanwhile there are strange messages in an unknown code language being discovered. The characters are interesting and I found myself immersed in trying to work out who the murderer was and what their motive was. There is a pretty good twist which was not predictable and I’m always a fan of this, nothing better than an unexpected twist!
It is the first in a series of three at this stage (the Children’s House series), with the second to be published in English in a couple of months – I look forward to it.

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