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Ready Player One by Ernest Cline. (2011).


Ready Player One by Ernest Cline. (2011).

*5 out of 5 stars*

I first heard of this book last year when I was researching popular science fiction books for a library display and it featured on a lot of science fiction book suggestions lists online. Then I saw a trailer for the movie which is coming out in a couple of months. I am so glad I ended up reading it. The plot centres around a young man, Wade, who lives in 2045. Reality is not going well, and most people escape by basically living in a virtual reality world called OASIS. The creator of OASIS (who was obsessed with games and the 80’s) is dead and left a will which stated that the first person to unlock a series of gates by finding and winning his puzzles hidden in OASIS will inherit his fortune and become the new owner of OASIS. Wade finds the first clue years later and there our journey begins.
This book is a science fiction novel that is quite humorous at times, filled with 80’s nostalgia and gaming references with a touch of romance. I loved the book. I do wonder if people with little interest or experience in gaming, particularly video gaming, would find this as enjoyable as I did, and also if those who maybe don’t know much about 80’s pop culture would ‘get’ many of the references.

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